Choose Complete Utility Management Services

Being with the wrong utility management company can greatly affect the operations (and profits) of your residential or commercial properties. If you’re having any concerns regarding your current utility billing provider, it might be time to call United Utility Services. Here’s why you should make the switch:

Billing Service Agreements

Here at United Utility Services, we offer flexible service arrangements that range from two to five years. Unlike other companies that also add billing fees for vacant units, we only count occupied units in the bill.

Customer Service

Let’s face it, a lot of larger companies are unable to give the kind of customer service that many property managers and owners deserve. They are often too detached or impersonal. Often customers are given the runaround if services or repairs are needed. What’s worse is that tenants or residents might even end up voicing their disappointment with the billing company and take it out on you! United Utility Services strives for customer satisfaction at every stage; we truly believe that happy residents equal happy management.

Billing Accuracy

Utility management companies should always stay up to day and keep track of current property billing structures and utility rates. Monthly reports that state all of your properties’ regular activities are ideal as well. We monitor all our relevant city rates on a quarterly basis and we send detailed analysis reports to management every month.

Utility Billing Programs

Our unique billing software is fully customizable and can providing billing and collections for several services, such as energy audits, sub-metering, rental collections, convergent billing, ratio utility billing systems, and more

Personalized Service

If you’re interested in any of our services or if you feel your current system is out of date and is giving you too many problems, a representative from United Utility Services will personally visit and survey your property before recommending the most reliable, effective and affordable system that fits your needs. Our plumbers are certified and have over 20 years of experience. If you need any repairs or upgrades done, know that all of these services are done in-house. No need to deal with the hassle of 3rd party technicians.