How To Save Energy With Your Commercial Property

Running a commercial property isn’t a walk in the park, but estimating costs can be close to impossible. High energy bills are just one of the many concerns that a property manager has to deal with.

With the ever growing concern over individual energy use, more and more commercial establishments are choosing to focus on reducing their carbon footprint. Whether your reason to cut back on your property’s energy consumption is to save the environment or to save money, take a look at a few methods you can try.

  • Upgrade incandescent light bulbs to CFL.

If your commercial property is still using incandescent bulbs, it’s definitely time to upgrade to compact florescent light. CFLs not only last longer, but you can expect to see as much as 75% reduction compared to standard light bulbs.

  • Consider an energy audit.

With the help of several tests and equipment, an energy audit can determine your commercial property’s inefficiencies and how to address them.

  • Install a sub-metering or ratio utility billing system.

If you rent out office space to several units, this is a definite must to make sure that tenants take responsibility for individual usage. Depending on the type of property, you might have to choose between a sub-metering solution or a ratio utility billing system.

  • Switch off equipment overnight and on weekends.

A simple tip that often goes forgotten: make sure that your non-essential equipment is turned off when they don’t need to be running.

  • Upgrade inefficient equipment.

Investing in energy-efficient models results in a lower overall cost compared to holding on to inefficient equipment. This doesn’t just apply to advanced machinery, but to small appliances as well.

  • Make the most of natural light.

During day time, rely on artificial lighting less by leaving your curtains open and letting natural light in. Getting skylights installed also helps to eliminate the need for light bulbs on regular days.