5 Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid

Property managers and owners want to make sure your landscape is well-taken care of and that it’s beautifully done. Neglected landscaping can affect the value of the whole property and it might be even difficult to show to prospective tenants. Here are five landscaping mistakes you should avoid:


Make sure that your plants have enough room to grow. It is true that shrubs and perennials in clusters are more attractive than scattered plants around your landscape. It won’t hurt to find out the size dimensions of the mature plant of what you’re planting to make sure the spacings between the plants are adequate.


Map out the usual spots where weeds come out from time to time and spray herbicide around them several weeks before germination. Weeds should be stopped before they creep into cracks in your patio and walkways.


If your yard is accessible to deer and rabbits, it’s very advisable to set up repellents and electric fencing to keep unwanted critters out of the landscape. Your yard might end up with broken plants and headless perennials. There are also rabbit and deer resistant plant varieties that won’t attract much attention.


Owners and managers should be aware that their landscape is still capable of looking good in the fall and winter. Landscaping is not solely for spring or summer. To ensure a year-long appeal, there should be a variety of plants that provide interest during different seasons. Balance everything out for all four seasons.


Mulching conserves moisture, improves fertility, reduces weed growth and increases the visual appeal of the area. However, piling too much mulch around a tree trunk and creating a slope can actually cause too much moisture and may harm trees. All you need is a loosely packed layer.

High quality landscaping contributes to our well-being and to our health. Its scenery inspires us to live in it and visit it more than usual. All the more reason to take care of our yard. Whether it’s done professionally or by yourself, avoiding these mistakes will keep your property beautiful in all four seasons.

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