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Without direct financial incentives, residents are not motivated to control their utility usage. United Utility Services offers full-service products: from installation to tracking, reading, billing, collecting and reporting.

Utility Management Services - Complete Billing Solutions

Managing multi-family or multi-company properties can take up more time than you can give. This is especially true with the rising cost of utilities, as well as having to handle tenants who see no benefit to helping you save on these expenses. If you currently have a utility management company, they could be falling short of providing all the necessary services and support that will make your properties run as efficiently as possible.

Property management professionals understand that more often than not, they have to work on razor-thin profit margins. A common issue is how to meet a budget without needing to constantly increase rent. This is where a utility management company with full-service solutions like United Utility Services delivers.


The Truth About Full-Service Solutions

When we say we offer full-service solutions, we mean it! UUS will install the meters that track individual utility usage by unit, read them monthly, bill tenants, collect dues and send the revenue to our clients.

For more than 25 years, astute property managers and owners across the country have come to rely on UUS as their go-to utility management company. We make sure that our sub-metering, billing management and other services provide the latest, cost-effective and most efficient solutions available.

Simply put, we are here to help you turn what used to be another expense into a profitable aspect of your properties.

Despite our best wishes, no one can be everywhere and do everything all the time. Property owners and managers know that juggling tenant services, maintenance, and utility management can be impossible at times. UUS does all the heavy lifting for you, providing you and your staff with more time and resources to focus on other important matters.


The UUS Promise

From our team of expert field service technicians and professional customer relations specialists to our Senior Management group and CEO, we take great pride in ensuring that all customer service issues are addressed promptly and satisfactorily. In fact, we offer a guaranteed 48-72 hours turnaround time in fixing any customer issues.

Whether it’s through sub-metering, our Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS), or a combination of both services alongside our secure online real-time billing software called United-Utility TrakR™, you’ll discover how we deliver on our promise to take the art of utility management to a higher level. It’s that simple!