As the cost of utilities and the need to conserve
continues to grow, the time is Now, to
Turn this Expense into an Asset,
as each day that goes by is… Money Down the Drain!

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United Utility Services
The Future of Utility & Billing Management –
How it Should Work – How it Does Work…
Is your property faced with a constant increase in the cost of utilities, coupled with tenants who have no desire nor incentive to help you save? Does your present utility management company fall short of providing the service and support you so rightly deserve? If so, then read on…
As a property management professional, you are often working on razor thin profit margins, wondering how you are going to meet budget without continually increasing rents.
United Utility Services understands this, and delivers that solution.
For over 25 years astute property owners and managers across the globe, have come to depend on United Utility Services as the go to company, in providing them with the latest, most efficient, cost effective Sub-Metering, Utility Billing Management Systems and Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions available for their properties.
Allow us the opportunity to help you turn what has traditionally been just another dreaded expense into a new found profit center for your property.
The best part is, we do all of the heavy lifting, thus providing you and your staff more time and freedom to focus your energies on resident comfort and the many other important matters that you are constantly faced with.
From the C.E.O. to Senior Management along with our team of proficient customer relations specialists and field service technicians, we take great pride in making certain that we address any and all customer service related issues promptly, efficiently and most of all, satisfactorily.
Whether it be via Sub-Metering, a Ratio Utility Billing System (aka RUBS), or a combination of both, with our industry leading, secure web-based United-UtilityTrakR™ state-of-the-art, “Real Time”, billing software, you will discover how we are taking the art of utility management to a whole new level. It’s that simple.