Energy Conservation Tips for Tenants & Employees

Many property managers and owners know that it can be difficult to promote a culture of utilities conservation among employees and tenants. Take a look at some quick and practical tips you can post on a community board to help promote the habit of utilities conservation among the people who use them most.

  • Follow all water shortage and conservation rules and restrictions that are currently in effect within your area.
  • Teach your children to be aware of the current need for water conservation. Do your best to avoid purchasing recreational water toys that make use of a large amount or a constant stream of water.
  • Support shops and businesses that promote and practice water conservation acts.
  • Encourage your bosses to promote water conservation at the office.
  • Immediately report any significant water loss, such as an open hydrant, broken pipe, abandoned free-flowing well, and broken sprinklers to the property manager or owner.
  • Support public projects that result in an increased used of reclaimed wastewater for irrigation and others.
  • Encourage local government offices and schools to help promote a healthy water conservation habit among both adults and children.
  • Conserve water because you know it is right thing to do. Avoid wasting water just because someone else is paying the water bill wherever you’re staying
  • Encourage family, friends and neighbors to form and take part in a water conscious community. Push for water conservation in community newsletters, community bulletin boards and lead by example.
  • Support public programs and efforts that aim to create awareness for water conservation among visitors to your state.
  • Make an effort to do at least one act each day that will lead to water savings. Don’t disregard a small step if you think the savings are too minimal. Remember that every little drop counts and that everyone can make a big difference.