Which Properties Can Benefit From Submetering?

Submetering systems can transform your investment and is a utility that can be used in more than just residential properties. United Utility Services has had great success in implementing submetering solutions in most, if not all, of these markets. Make the switch today:

Duplex, Triplex, Apartments, Campuses, Hi-Rise, Lo-Rise, etc.

Whether your multifamily property is new construction or retrofit, from a cozy duplex to a towering high rise or multiple buildings, submetering systems can greatly improve net operating income while teaching tenants to conserve water. United Utility Services handles all your submetering needs, from inspection and installation to monthly readings of meters and collection services.

Townhomes and Condos

Condominiums and townhomes have several requirements that are unique to them and homeowners associations can also benefit from these systems. We have experience working with HOAs and implementing submetering solutions in these properties as well.

Office Spaces, Industrial Areas, Retail Shops, Warehouses, etc

Many commercial property owners aim to recover utility expenses from their tenants, as well as to manage their facility’s energy systems. United Utility Services has extended experience installing metering systems for water, electric and gas at commercial properties. Our expert plumbers and specialists have several years of experience in the industry, providing peace of mind to commercial property owners.

Manufactured Housing Communities:
RV and Mobile Home Parks

Manufactured housing communities require specially manufactured equipment for meter installations under the home or outdoors. Our experienced plumbers are on hand to install the submetering systems, and we take pride in customized monthly utility billing services tailored for managers and owners of manufactured housing communities.

New Construction:
Public Housing, Commercial Properties, Condominiums, Apartments and etc

United Utility Services is more than able to provide submetering solutions for new construction projects, both residential or commercial. Our company works with general contractors and property developers to ensure that our submetering system designs are seamlessly integrated with construction project requirements.

Public, Private, Commercial

Marinas are an ideal market for electric submetering solutions. United Utility Services provides electric meters that are especially designed to withstand the difficult marina environments.