Trends in Property Marketing 2017

What can current technology bring to residential property marketing? Quite a lot, if you’re willing to jump in!

With more and more renters expecting an almost instantaneous response after contacting a property, being able to reach out to prospects faster is a top priority for many owners and managers. While many feel as if this can be a bit unrealistic and opting to stick to a timeframe of replying within one business day, others believe that it can be achieved using tools such as an auto-response method to create a link until personal responses can be given. It’ll be easier and quicker to lease apartments if establishing a connection with leads is done in real-time!

Another way to use technology to boost response time is by setting up text alerts that are sent to team members once a lead is generated. This is to prevent late responses due to a team member being unreachable or out of the office. Regularly monitoring social media profiles is also a popular way to ensure quick responses to generated leads.

There’s a lot of discussion about using technology to attract prospects, but the most effective one right now is all-important access to the internet. This has received the most response and interest from prospects from all over the country. When a multifamily property offers fast and reliable internet access, there’s a significantly higher chance that they’ll get great reviews. It has become just as much of a must-have as water and electricity in today’s day and age.

Other tech trends that property management firms are monitoring include Business Intelligence and staff-less leasing offices. The latter works by providing a key and a tour to a property once a prospect provides their credit card. While this is just beginning to spread in the multifamily market, this is already being done with single-family units.

What multifamily property marketing tech trends are currently on your radar?