The Value of Our Custom Utility Billing Program For Your Properties

Property managers know that no two properties are the same. Real estate management solutions that work for a multi-family residence might not work for a commercial building and vice-versa. This is why a custom utility billing program offers the best value and is a practical solution to rising utility costs.

At United Utility Services, we provide the latest web-based utility billing software that is designed exclusively for the submetering industry. Our software is one of a kind and it provides all of the most important functions of a billing company, such as collections, billing and 24/7 online access. These come in a user-friendly format that is custom fit for the unique needs of all the properties we serve. The real-time updates offer an instant look at the state of your utilities usage to residents, employees and corporate leadership.

Billing Services

Submetered Billing

  • Bill tenants according to their unit’s indivual utility usage. The monthly fees are calculated automatically using the property’s billing history.

Ratio Utility Billing System

  • Based on several quantitative measures, such as a property’s square footage or number of residents, you can equally divide a building’s utility expenses among its tenants. This system can be used alongside submeters.

Unlimited Billable Expesnes

  • A custom invoice for each property is created to include all billable expenses charged to tenants, such as rent, water, gas, electricity, trash and etc.

Payments Services

Aside from on-site payments, your billing program can include any or all of the following:

  • Online Payments
  • Phone Payments
  • US Mail Payments

Software For Property Managers

Custom Reports

  • The software has the ability to create more than 100 customizable financial, billing, demographic and consumption reports. A variety of charts and graphs are available as well.

Real-Time Financial Transactions

  • Balance updates are monitored in real-time, and all credits, adjustments, payments and the like can be viewed with no delay.

Move In & Out Assistance

  • With United Utility Services’ billing software, property managers can create new accounts, final bills, and process important move in / out information for tenants.

Software For Residents

Secure Online Access

  • All tenants are given a security code with their monthly invoice, allowing them to view their account info online.

Billing History

  • Tenants can look through their whole billing history and even print their past and current invoices in PDF format.

Electronic Billing

  • Those who prefer eBills over paper bills can register online by providing their email address.