Make The Switch To Submetering & Ratio Utility Billing


The process of submetering with United Utility Services involves installing an individual meter to record a tenant’s utility usage. This data is then sent to our billing software that bills the resident based on their actual usage and allows them to pay for their fair share. Residents are then more likely to conserve energy, gas and water because they are made conscious of how they actually use these utilities. Efficiency is then increased and consumption drops, also leading to an overall drop on the expenses of a property’s master bill. While an initial investment is needed, the savings made from utility costs is usually returned in a short amount of time.

Owner Benefits

Long-term results and savings are made possiblel due to submetering. With United Utility Services, we offer comprehensive solutions that cover meter installation, reading, billing, collections and customer service so our customers save time as well as money.

  • Reduces your overall cost for utilities
  • Improves your cash flow
  • Lowers your Net Operating Expenses
  • Increases your Net Operating Income
  • Improves your property asset value

Ratio Utility Billing

Using a Ratio Utility Billing Syste means that utility expenses are allocated to the residents based on either the number of occupants, the unit’s square footage, or a combination of both. Since it’s not always a possibility to install submetering systems to properties, mostly due to aging wiring or plumbing systems, RUBs is a popular alternative for property owners that wish to turn their utility expenses into aassets. One advantage it has is that using this service doesn’t require a physical installation of a meter in a tenant’s apartment.

Owner Benefits

  • Insulates you from rapidly rising utility costs
  • Promotes tenant conservation of water, energy and other utilities
  • Encourages tenants to report leaks and other potentially costly faults
  • Can be combined with our U-Submetering program