Why Commercial Tenants Will Want Sub-Metering

Have your tenants asked you to submeter their commercial space yet? If not, then they probably will soon! With submetering, your tenants are sure that their bills and leasing structure are just, that they have a return on investment of their individual energy conservation projects, and that they can proudly identify as sustainability leaders.

Here are some of the many reasons why your tenants would want their area submetered:

  • Your Commercial Tenants Want Their Lease To Be Fair

Most building tenants pay for their space’s utility bills by square foot, but this can be a problem for those units that have lower energy consumption but larger areas. With a submetered space, they are billed accurately for their exact consumption — no more, no less. This is controllable, fair, and ultimately quite engaging.

A great way to push tenants to engage in this further is to allow them to see updated data for their unit. When they see how their choices change their utility bills in close to real-time, they will be able to adjust and quickly adapt from their mistakes. This then motivates tenants to reduce their usage when they’re not  in the office or during weekends.

  • Your Commercial Tenants Want To Identify As Sustainability Leaders

A company’s carbon footprint matters, and many organizations want to be known as sustainability leaders. Also, more professionals want to work for and associate with companies that implement sustainable practices. If tenants want to set their organization apart and be seen as leaders in their respective industry, adding sub-meters and joining the sustainability community is a safe bet.

  • Your Commercial Tenants Want To See The Return-on-Investment Of Their Energy Efforts

While many tenants plan on investing in LED lights and other energy conservation measures, some are not so convinced that they’ll see an ROI with the switch. Give them a nudge in the right direction by showing them how to track their progress and see the direct benefits of their actions. Submetering their units will motivate them to make the switch and invest in these measures, making your building more sustainable than it currently is, and allowing your equipment to last much longer.