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United Utility Services

As an owner or manager in the multi-family or commercial industry, the rising costs of our natural resources has been a major area of concern. Even more concerning is the fact that those costs are coming out of your pocket.
If there was a way to help reduce those costs between 30-60%, would you be interested? Well that's where United Utility Services can help.

United Utility Services has dedicated over 20 years of its research and resources to helping reduce these rising costs. With a knowledgeable staff, we can customize a water conservation program ranging from utility billing, conservation, and sub metering to energy efficient programs such as LED's (Light Emitting Diodes).

Many other companies use sub-contractors to do their installation and repairs. Many of them don't even have the resources to keep up with the repairs, leading to endless customer complaints. Well United Utility Services uses in-house sub-contractors, can maintain Projects of any size, and is highly experienced in customer service.

What are you waiting for? Your profits are literally being flushed down the drain! Learn more, contact a representative now for a FREE property analysis.